Web Agency in Mantova from 1999

NUR S.r.l. activity began in the late 1999, when, still in the early days of the web as we know it today, the company worked especially for the realization of corporate websites. Over the years, NUR S.r.l. has gradually expanded its offer of services for the companies, thanks to the growth and the technological innovation that "internet" has led in recent times.

The first claim: “Your light on Web World”

One of the first corporate claim, still relevant actually, is "YOUR LIGHT ON WEB WORLD", playing on the literal translation of the word NUR which in Persian means "light". A metaphor that since the beginning distinguished the company business, which operated with the aim of giving visibility to companies coming out from the normal geographic boundaries, using an innovative communication channel which over the years has completely changed the way of doing business around the world.

Starting from the historic headquarters in Via Nazario Sauro, 18, in the historic center of Mantova, over the years the company has grown and expanded. The number of employees and collaborators has increased along the years with the agency “know-how”, and with it the specialization in the different business areas, which have evolved and differentiated to expand the range of offers for the clients.

NUR new location in the "Tower Bridge"

In 2010, a new and strong impetus to the business activity reflected in the move to a new headquarter in San Giorgio, where a logistic location with larger spaces allowed NUR S.r.l. to establish itself more and more on the Italian and the foreign market, adding new roles and more specific skills to create the solid reality we could see today.