Our Web Agency Ethics Code

Always been closely linked to the dynamics of web and internet marketing, NUR S.r.l. has never stopped to work over the years with the main focus: satisfy the client, by operating with care and expertise in every business areas, constantly working accordingly with laws and regulations.

Constant study and updating

To make our staff always able to respond to every need expressed by clients, offering technologically advanced and innovative solutions, we believe it is essential an ongoing training at 360 ° on every aspect of internet marketing. Every member of our team can count on an internal and external training concerning its specific expertise, and may propose new training opportunities, in case of interesting ideas would emerge.

Working in team

Working in a team is, for NUR S.r.l., the first and most important factor of success. Carry out projects with a working group composed by highly skilled specialist, each in its specific field of activity, is for NUR S.r.l. an essential way of working.  The team indeed leads to better quality results thanks to the sharing of information and strategies between the different professionals and often leads to identify higher performance solutions not previously considered.