AdWords Google Partner

Professional corporate certification for "pay per click" and "display" campaigns

The Google AdWords Partner certification concerns the administration of “pay per click” campaigns both in textual mode (sponsored ads) and in using banner (display), and ensures an accurate and professional administration of the investments to obtain maximum revenue.

The achievement by NUR Srl of the Google AdWords Partner certification (see NUR S.r.l. profile on Google Partner) and the maintenance of it throughout the years shows how the activity of management in the different types of AdWords campaigns for the clients, carried important benefits to the business of these companies. NUR S.r.l. clients, in this way, could be able to see how the use of this professional visibility tool influenced in a positive way both the use of the budget and the returns in terms of visibility.

NUR S.r.l., as agency certified by Google, every day plans, creates and manages the Google AdWords campaigns for its clients by diversifying the typologies of ads according to the target and the business goals, using the different possibilities of Google. This tool includes the administration of visibility campaigns on both Google and its partner (for example Youtube) and with all the different methods permitted, that are textual ads, display ads (banner) and videos, but even on the different devices in use, as PC, smartphone and tablet.


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