Google Analytics Professional

Professional corporate certification for the analysis of statistical data (web analytics)

The Google Analytics Professional certification refers to a certificate awarded by Google after a special training course focused on the study and the use of the most important analytical research tool of data on websites: Google Analytics.

We believe that in the dynamics of web's actual scene, to understand the behavior of the users and all the factors around the management of the website is crucial, in order to set and manage an Internet Marketing project in a professional way. For that reason, we accurately studied this important analysis tool provided by Google, to learn more about the way to use it, and take full advantage from its potential. All this for our clients, who will throw themself on a certified partner, for the analysis of statistical data on their websites, and to size up and establish with them methods and timing of intervention, as well as to choose the right tools to get productive conversions for the company business.

The certified competence in the study of site statistics provided by Google Analytics allows us, not only to read the statistical data visible by default in the desck panel, but also to expand the study of factors that occur to the proper functioning of the website and, more generally, to the project of Internet Marketing.

In addition, the constant update also allows us to be always updated on new releases of Google Analytics on the new the features, and to personalize them according to the client's project, setting and monitoring the goals, as well as creating a detailed analysis of reporting, which is essential to implement the marketing strategies.


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