NUR relates to trade conferences

The expertise and the know-how acquired in over 10 years of experience allowed NUR S.r.l. to offer its professional advice as part of a training specializes in the Internet Marketing area.


Especially in the figure of Rinaldo Zambello, sales manager and co-founder of NUR Srl, on several occasions the company has been called to report about issues relating to the world of the web, ranging from the web marketing tools to support companies, and the dynamics related to e-commerce success, up to the most current issues related to the use of the major social networks to support the business.

In this context NUR S.r.l. approach always starts from the experience gained in the field, with the implementation of the web marketing strategies for projects managed by the company to its customers, but is refined by an intense and constant training activities which involved many professional figures working within the web agency. Only in this way, through conferences and training courses conducted by NUR Srl staff, it is possible to transmit at the same time technical principles and practical ideas, which result of immediate interest to the different audiences attending the courses.

More information about NUR conferences?

To learn more about the conferences held by NUR Srl, to get the calendar of upcoming meetings, or to request the opportunity to have an expert of the agency as a speaker to your conference, please send a request for information or contact us by phone at +39 0376-369728.