Training Activities

Professional know-how updating

To maintain a high level of service it is essential that the competence and the knowledge on a subject in such rapid evolution as the web would be accurate and consistent. For this reason, NUR S.r.l. staff constantly takes part to training and updating courses concerning the different company areas, which contribute to the creation of complete projects of Internet Marketing.


From updating courses related to the news on design area and the technical implementation related to the graphics of the websites such as responsive website, through specializing courses concerning web marketing topics for business which includes information relating to social media, viral marketing and to the corporate management. Without forgetting the national conventions in the field of SEO, which every year dealt with the most topical themes on SEO & SEM panorama and analyzed the trends expected in the near future, in order to anticipate the times and offer an advanced service.

All the training activities, which NUR Srl staff carries out, are strongly encouraged by the property who believes that only through the constant updating of the cultural and professional figures who work in NUR is possible to develop complete projects of Internet Marketing and work every day on the new challenges forward by our clients.

Furthermore, the strong relationship with Google, which currently holds the undisputed leadership in the world of search engine globally, pushes NUR to maintain a constant update with the products and services of the Mountain View house. In this direction, NUR obtains partnership certificates at corporate level both for the professional use of Google AdWords platform to create and manage pay x click campaigns, which for the use of Google Analytics suite statistical analysis. An opportunity therefore, even before a need, to be updated in real time on the latest web marketing dynamics and gather professional ideas for the success of an Internet Marketing project.