Return on investment

Make an attractive website is not enough to bring many contacts the company. The other half of the work is achievable through processes of web marketing. The conversion of the results is the main objective of NUR Srl, which offers to its client’s internet marketing services of high quality confirmed by the high percentage of return on investment (ROI). The conversion rate is the percentage you get by comparing the data of total views generated for each internet marketing and contact service: sales and achievement of fixed goals.

To increase the percentage of the conversion rate of an Internet project is important to choose the most suitable service to every business and being able to coordinate them efficiently. This is the guarantee that NUR Srl always offered to its clients and is the reason that underlies many of the consents obtained in more than 15 years of activity. In fact, the clients who chose to rely on NUR Srl to develop one or more Internet projects know that the conversion rate is not a point of arrival for NUR web agency, but an intermediate stage of starting to improve the quality of the project in the network and therefore the return on investment.

NUR S.r.l. staff daily monitor trends and the results of the services subscribed by its clients to continuously improve the performances. The trends analysis, in fact, could give several indications about client's project and know how to read those data means being able to follow the evolution of the market, without being caught unprepared.

The various analysis tools used by the internet marketing agency can understand the real needs of the target audience. Based on these indications NUR Srl staff suggests possible improvements to clients on existing projects. The experience gained over the years of activity and the continuous updating of the staff allow us to offer customers a comprehensive consulting service of excellent quality. In fact, NUR S.r.l. staff guide its clients in selecting the most appropriate services for their business, in order to ensure a proper conversion rate on their investment.

NUR Srl staff periodically follows training courses to keep update on all the news that allow improving the analysis and the study of online visitors behavior in reference to the various services offered. For each project, NUR S.r.l. staff properly set all the statistics related to each service purchased by the client. The tools used to track the flow of visitors and determine the rate of conversion include:


  • Google Analytics is the system of analysis more used by network professionals. Provides a lot of useful information to gain insight into the behavior of users who visited the website. This is a very important analysis tool from which deduce very precise trends and any structural errors on the website. The use is very simple, less the reading. To provide clients the proper use of this tool NUR Srl got Google Analytics Partner certification.
  • Analytics for Google Adwords: these are AdWords campaign statistics, which provide a complete and accurate return of the campaign. NUR S.r.l. internet marketing also got Google Adwords Partner certification.
  • YouTube Insight: you can get specific information related to the visibility and the liking of the video on your YouTube channel.
  • Facebook Insight: statistics able to determine the popularity of social implemented on Facebook pages.

In order to realize an effective Internet project that ensures the conversion rate and the return on investment is very important to choose professional partners who know how to guide you and help you in the developing of useful activities to achieve your corporate objectives.