• Nur, from the fifteenth anniversary, the input to grow even more in 2016

Nur, from the fifteenth anniversary, the input to grow even more in 2016

December 22, 2015

The 15 years of the company represent the opportunity to tell a story of success, which does not intend to slow down its course.
Elena Giordano

The period of economic crisis that characterized the recent years put a strain on the certainties of companies and their directors, often struggling with structural problems, related to perspectives for the future and business opportunities. In this complex period, Nur succeeded in stand out, relying on its own specific features and on its most important certainty: 15 years of activity. A significant number, in the Internet Marketing sector, often marked by business experiences not rooted and short-lived.

The CEO Daniele Gotti, who runs the company with the other partners, Rinaldo Zambello and Massimo Gotti, points out that: "15 years are the perfect time to take stock 'in itinere', and look carefully at what will happen in the near future".

Is the concept of "growth", declined in the different "souls" which compose the company, the element that sums up the travel of this Mantuan reality, determined with the New Year to expand its business always more, both in Italy and abroad. Let's see in detail.

Numbers growth. Nur growth has been steady over the last years, despite the critical economic situation of the country. Particularly, over the past five years, revenue has kept a trend, in positive, amounting to an average increase of 30% per year. The same growth rate is expected for 2015.

Individual and staff growth. "We are convinced - says Gotti - that is very important investing in people, because the talent of each individual creates the excellence of a group" For this reason we focused on recruiting and highlighting high profile professionals in all the business areas (including the "core" of SEO, SEM, Social Media, Creative Web Design and Programming). Currently the staff is made up of about twenty people.

Headquarters and labor supply growth. In 2011, Nur moved from the center of Mantua and inaugurated a first wing of the new location located in the business district Tower Bridge. The location is strategic because it allows clients to reach very quickly the structure (now located a few meters from the Mantova Nord exit of the A22 motorway). Moreover, the wide spaces of the new location will give the chance to host new employees. "I want to remember, about it, that in just three years, we have added a total of nine employees."

Borders growth. It’s impossible, working in the "Internet world", thinking to address its own services only to the Italian market: "For this reason we are carefully presiding over other countries, I mean especially to the USA, Poland and China”.
"As for the USA, Nur is already present with its own branch office in Los Angeles, which is critical for a direct contact with the markets and especially with the innovations in the field of digital coming from the Silicon Valley (learn more, www.communicatingwith.us).
Strategically important is also Poland, a country with a growing economy, focused on technological innovation and especially border with Germany, to which provides products and services, thanks to competitive costs (to learn more, www.consultingadv.com).
China, a market to which companies in all sectors are aiming, is a reality with excellent potential, especially for online sales. Nur has designed for the SMBs that intend to approach this great country with their Made in Italy products, a full service, which includes bureaucratic issues, trademark registration and language support (to learn more, www.viabrera.nur.it).

The clients. At Nur, the growth that we described has always had beside the attention to clients. The daily work of all the teams is dedicated to them, to achieve the implementation of complex Internet Marketing projects: "Many are the 'digital ways' that a company can take to its different business purposes - says Gotti - Nur has the task to simplify this choice and to propose the right strategy, measurable, and performed on the target you intend to hit. Only in this way, the web can become the distinctive and winning feature of the client company. Among the many companies which have placed their trust, we can remember Peugeot Italy, Faber-Castell, Sigma Tau."

Let’s look at 2016. The first 15 years of Nur are the stimulus, which brings owners and employees to look forward with enthusiasm and with the consciousness of being able to "do even better". Regarding the 2016, the aim of the company is to grow and consolidate the turnover of 2015.
From a strategic and operative point of view, Nur is betting on its excellence - in terms of services provided - to stand on the Italian and European markets, as well as increase its presence in the US. "Our aim - says Gotti - is to position ourselves so that they can be defined 'specialists in Internet Marketing Services of high level', thanks to the quality of these and to the deep knowledge of our sector ". This specificity of the offer will be supported by a constant internal training of the staff - that will be increased - and by the maintenance of the certificates released by Google, proof of the extreme quality of the service provided.