NUR Internet Marketing business partner

In carrying out its activities and in order to provide professional services from every point of view, NUR Internet Marketing has developed over time partnerships with other companies selected and certified, able to offer a highly professional service quality.


Hosting provider at a professional level, Serverplan ensures web hosting solutions, dedicated servers, VPS and Cloud by high functionality and safety, with optimized performance for SEO websites.

National meeting upon italian search marketing organized by the GT Idea, a company that boasts the largest Italian community dedicated to the Web. A central event for those working in the field of Search Marketing.

Advance Consulting Group

The Advance group is born from the shared need between established companies in the industry, to combine professionalism and complementary skills, made available to achieve the common goal of providing the Customer with highly qualified services on various aspects of communication, without the need to contact more interlocutors and without the onerous costs of diversified management.

ADworld Experience

ADworld Experience is today in Italy the most advanced course for digital professionals in the Pay per Click area. But not only, because it is a laboratory of experiences of optimization of conversions of PPC campaigns that are presented by some of the best specialists and the best-known SEM agency worldwide.