Urban wear


Well-known brand of urban wear and sportswear, BUFF® has gained the trust of sportive over the years, thanks to its refined lines, to the technical research of the materials and to the designs of the products.

The Internet Marketing project

For BUFF® NUR Srl manages in outsourcing the Facebook fanpage "Buff Italy" (www.facebook.com/Buff.Italy). For this project, NUR S.r.l. stuff studied an editorial plan of Social Media Marketing (SMM) focused on the main target, identified and optimized, thanks to constant monitoring of the statistical analysis provided by the social.

The editorial plan shared in strategic terms with NOV.ITA Srl Moncalieri (TO), the official BUFF® italian retailer, was enriched in the months with the publication of special applications and catalogs always update, to allow users to see the new products arriving in stores and on the NOV.ITA website.

Return on the Internet Marketing investment

With the investment in social media marketing BUFF® was able to obtain results in terms of:

  • Increased brand awareness and engagement of sportive, athletes and sport lovers
  • Increasing the fan number and quality
  • Promotion of marketing initiatives (eg. Customization BUFF®) and specific products (thanks to the app with online catalogs)