Pennelli Cinghiale S.p.a.

Professional brushes production

Historical company based in Mantua leader in the production of high quality brushes, Pennelli Cinghiale works since 1945 in the production of accessories for painting with high quality and technology. The continuous search for new fibers, fabrics and high quality materials provides customers a reliably and innovative product.

For the client Pennelli Cinghiale NUR Internet Marketing created a special landing page, dedicated to the presentation of the new line ”Pennelli Technology". The landing page created was used for an AdWords campaign, at the same time dedicated to B2C customers (end customers who wish to purchase this new type of brushes and requires information on where to find them) and B2B (dealers, retailers and large retail chains that may require this way a supply of new products). The adwords campaign was carried out on both traditional research network and display.

For the famous brand, NUR Internet Marketing has just started to outsourcing management even a conspicuous presence on the social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Google+ and LinkedIn).