Cattelan Italia S.p.a.

Living and design

Cattelan Italia S.p.a.

Born in 1979 from a Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan idea, the company Cattelan Italia S.p.a. began immediately to propose furnishing with a strong component of marble, at first mostly intended for the foreign market. To meet the growing market demand, the company has expanded its product offer also proposing dining tables, chairs, bookcases and other furnishing, using materials such as wood, glass, leather and metal. Thanks to the collaboration with famous designer, the company gets an important recognition in the prestigious "NEO CON" of Chicago.

Today Cattelan Italia S.p.a. is proud to declare its presence in more than 104 countries around the world, with more than 2,500 stores among the most qualified. In support of this distribution network, there is a large number of agents and a continuous presence at the  major international design exhibitions , such as Cologne, Paris, Valencia, Moscow, Kortrijk and of course, Milan.

The Internet Marketing project

For Cattelan Italia S.p.a. NUR S.r.l. realized the current website, designed with the latest technology in web design to ensure the highest quality graphics and ensure optimization for tablets and mobile devices.

The creation of the multilingual website (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian) required many studies and graphic test to ensure site compliance with certain fundamental points transferred by the company during the initial brief:


  • Communication: the site would transfer the DNA of the company, the passion for design and modernity, the study and the quality at the base of products. In this sense, the role of the image in the overall layout was crucial and was treated with techniques and effects of web-specific design.
  • Functionality: the website needed to provide important functionality to consult the products both within the collections of the site, both externally in the area of online catalogs, created by NUR Srl specifically for the needs of the client.

Both the key points were to be achieved in keeping the more general objective of the website, which is to present the corporate identity of Cattelan Italia Spa and its vast product catalog to stakeholders belonging to the business and costumers.

For Cattelan Italia S.p.a. NUR Internet Marketing also carried out the management of the company social network.

Return on the Internet Marketing investment

By investing in internet marketing (Web Design) Cattelan Italia was able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improvement of the corporate image on a the web, with an innovative design website, modern and compatible with mobile devices;
  • Increasing the richness and the quality of the website content
  • Penetration in foreign markets thanks to the website optimization in the language versions.