Arketipo S.r.l.

Living and design complements

Arketipo S.r.l.

Company founded in 1982 by a group of Tuscan businessmen, Arketipo S.r.l. designs and manufactures since then stuffed sofas and living accessories with simple and elegant design but through an essential and contemporary line. Thanks to the Made in Italy quality of its articles, which represent the Tuscan textile craft tradition known throughout the world over the years, the company won the most exclusive retailers. Since 2008, Arketipo S.r.l. has expanded its range of design complements with elegant but always functional solutions for living spaces.

The Internet Marketing project

The need of Arketipo S.r.l. was to renew its image on the web with an elegant and refined design, representative of an industry where glamor is the main raison d'etre. To achieve the goal NUR S.r.l. started with improving the website look with useful features from the point of view of web usability, making the whole navigation more performing and oriented to the products exaltation.

The changes to implement on a website to make it more usable and functional are very important to achieve the business objectives. Let us imagine for a moment the possibility that a user, fascinated by the world of design, so innovative and creative, were lost within the website that are consulting and couldn't find his way toward its goal. What would gain the company? Perhaps a great appeal on the user due to the graphic impact of the website, but certainly that user will not become a business contact. That's why, even on the most delicate website, from the graphics point of view, one should never forget to include those little features that make them usable for a wide audience of users, as well as compatible with the most commonly used mobile devices.

Return on the Internet Marketing investment

By investing in internet marketing (Web Design), Arketipo Srl was able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Corporate and product image renewal.
  • More brand visibility on the web.
  • More wealth of content to be explored (designers, news, videos, catalogs, styles, etc.).