Italian wine and food trade fair


Golositalia is the exhibition dedicated to wine and typical Italian products. The fair, which takes place in the complex Brixia Expo in Brescia, gives the opportunity for producers in all the regions of Italy to present their local products to the public, to place orders directly at the show and take advantage from the event media range not only on traditional channels but also on internet and social networks.

The Internet Marketing project

For Golositalia NUR S.r.l. has implemented a complete and targeted design of internet marketing for the dual needs of business of the company: to promote the trade show on the web to end-users of the fair (the project with NUR Srl began with the 2013 edition and will continue with the next editions ), and in addition gaining visibility and business contacts by exhibitors, food manufacturers, food and wine, the main target of the event.

Both needs are of fundamental importance in the study of how to realize a website, able to communicate perfectly with both audiences and enrich the browsing of all users with additional content easily accessible, thanks to the logic of web usability applied. Directly from the website it is now possible to see the exhibitors’ presentation and the layout of the stands, and to download the membership application in just a few clicks, with clear and clean graphics, contextualized to the type of industry. At the same time, potential visitors will be able to download its program, find Information about where to stay or how to get the fair, to sign up in courses and tastings and to take part in competitions organized by the organizer.

The website was designed to go beyond mere information, attracting the user to actively participate at the exhibition and its parallel events. For an industry trade show, this aspect is very important, and constantly monitoring through Google Analytics which activities and which pages are the most clicked, and then those that generate greater interest to the user, exhibitor or visit.

In support of the website design, built with SEO-friendly logic, was planned an a positioning activity on the Italian search engines, and a parallel AdWords campaign targeted to the specific audience of the fair, to achieve short-period result and more business contacts.

The website was then joined by a parallel project very innovative for the exhibition sector: an e-commerce with Italian typical products of the fair exhibitors. This marketing tool is designed in this case for both types of audiences and to offer the end user the sensation of being able to visit the fair, 365 days a year both to propose to exhibitors another promotional online vehicle to accompany the more traditional to the fair.

Other activities carried out for Golositalia are the hosting services, the e-mail support the newsletter pack to complete their online business promotion with an e-mail marketing strategy.

Return on the Internet Marketing investment

With the investment in internet marketing (new website, SEO, e-commerce) Golositalia was able to achieve results in terms of:

  • Increase in the word of mouth about the show
  • Extension of the trade show duration (with Goloshop exhibitors at the show are 365 days a year)
  • Involvement of different targets (B2B - exhibitors and B2C - visitors)