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I Love S.Martino

Cleca S.p.A.

S.Martino is the flagship brand of Cleca SpA, which for years has been synonym for quality in the production of mixes for desserts and cakes. Today through the new portal "I Love S. Martino" Cleca offers a wide range of products at 360 °, starting from traditional puddings, which made the brand famous, to the most innovative lines of biological and gluten free products . In addition, there are also the products of the new brand “Gustati la vita!” dedicated to those who want or need to follow a diet without sacrificing the pleasure of a dessert.

The Internet Marketing project

Simultaneously with the realization of the new portal, NUR Srl was involved in analyzing and studying the aspects of web usability that could improve the quality of navigation within the website, respecting the communicative core objective, which is to entertain the users but at the same time providing a useful and practical information on the company's product range.

By applying these simple rules of usability, the user will be perfectly able to play with the recipes according to the time in which is consulting the website, but also to obtain information in a complete and exhaustive way on sweet and savory products made from 'the company. The product page was in fact designed to enrich the users’ experience, with video-recipes and preparation tips, while maintaining the ease of pages consulting.

Cleca S.p.a. asked NUR S.r.l. a strategy of positioning in search engines right on the new portal, able to provide the company with the achievement of business goals of short and medium-long term. To achieve these objectives, the site was designed with SEO-friendly criteria important for visibility in search engines, and were parallel activated sponsored campaigns on Google.

NUR S.r.l. also manages a Social Media Marketing (SMM) activity in outsourcing on S.Martino Facebook fan page, based on an editorial plan of reference, according to the logic of marketing shared with the company.

Return on the Internet Marketing investment

With the investment in internet marketing (new multilingual website, SEO, social media marketing) Cleca Spa was able to achieve results in terms of:

  • Increasing of the fans number and quality on Facebook (tripled in the first 6 months)
  • Raising the qualitative level of brand communication
  • Increase of the fan engagement towards the brand (involvement of bloggers, greater interest in the availability of products

Project in collaboration with copiaincolla | pubblicità.