Leuco S.p.a. (Hawk)

Industrial plunger pumps

Leuco S.p.a. (Hawk)

Leuco Spa, is a trademark of Karcher Group, and produces with the mark HAWK® a wide range of high-pressure piston pumps. Intended for use mainly industrial this pumps are characterized by long life, low maintenance high reliability.

The Internet Marketing project

The project of internet marketing that NUR S.r.l. developed with Leuco S.p.a. primarily concerned with the positioning on search engines (SEO) in Italian, English, French and Spanish. NUR S.r.l. did also consulting in the selection process of new markets (eg Australia) where the company could penetrate with their products. The project was carried out with the support of a number of sector analysis and the different markets of landing, to build a unified functional company internationalization strategy.

Return on the Internet Marketing investment

With the investment in SEO and internet marketing Leuco Spa has been able to achieve results in terms of:

  • Penetration of new markets
  • Focus on a specific target (industrial)
  • More awareness abroad fo the brand HAWK®

Project in collaboration with copiaincolla | pubblicità.