Unical AG S.p.a.

Unical AG S.p.a.

The project of internet marketing for Unical AG SpA has followed two main lines of activity: the design of a website with the latest technology, multi-language, compatible with mobile devices and with a completely renovated layout, and a positioning activity in English on international search engines.

The first aspect, one related to the restyling of the website, allowed NUR Srl applying to the new layout the most modern technologies of web design to ensure the best compatibility of the website with mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets. The graphic design work was also focused on the main objective of the company, shared NUR Srl: innovate, eliminating the website from graphic weighting e and giving the cleanliness and clarity of expression and communication that is typical of all the corporate image of Unical AG Spa.

For the company, was also made a strategic positioning activity in English language on international search engines, focused on business objectives in the medium and long-term shared with the property. In support of the positioning activity, were planned in-depth studies on Google Analytics statistics Google Analytics and a collection and analysis of data by the internal certificate account GoogleSpecialist, which demonstrates the necessity of a continuous monitoring of the activities pursued. To complete the service carried out for Unical AG SpA were planned AdWords campaigns focused on specific targets, able to achieve the business objectives of short and medium term.

Return on the Internet Marketing investment

With the investment in internet marketing Unical AG Spa was able to achieve results in terms of:

  • Improvement of online communication with a website which could expresses the true DNA of the company.
  • Reaching the B2B target with customized content and a reserved area.
  • Reaching the B2C target with additional applications (eg. Locator Assistance in Italy).