Rinnai Italia S.r.l.

Products for gas and heating

Rinnai Italia S.r.l.

Italian branch of Rinnai Corporation, a global leader in the world in the production of devices that use the energy of the gas, Rinnai Italia promotes and distributes products with high technological construct ranging from water heaters to condensing boilers, fan coil units, up to dryer. With particular attention to the field of the production of domestic hot water.

The Internet Marketing project

For Rinnai Italia, NUR S.r.l. carried out a project of integrated internet marketing consisting of: corporate website realization, Search Engine Advertising (Google Adwords campaigns) and Search Engine Optimization (Search engine ranking).

Regarding the development of the website for this Client was made an intense graphics processing and web design, with the goal of producing a layout in line with the company's values and the aesthetic sensibility that characterizes the brand. Clarity, elegance and innovation are the key points of the graphic design, combined with the desire to apply to the layout all the information needed for a proper usability. The result is a website very fresh and modern, yet sophisticated and classy, which perfectly conveys the attention to detail that characterizes the brand Rinnai.

As mentioned above, were also created for this Client an ad hoc campaign on Google AdWords to promote specific products and services, and was developed project aimed to positioning the website on Italians search engines with the help of market research and specific studies carried out on the more used terms in the production of domestic hot water.

Return on the Internet Marketing investment

With the investment in internet marketing (SEO, SEA and construction of a new website), Rinnai Italia has been able to obtain the following results:

  • More visibility on Italians search engines and on the web in general.
  • Improvement in corporate communications with a website that reflects the brand.
  • More brand awareness thanks to the wealth of content carried.