• Nur and Copiaincolla inaugurate their new LA Headquarters

Nur and Copiaincolla inaugurate their new LA Headquarters

05 February 2015

LA, where lands the Italian communication.

Nur and Copiaincolla inaugurate their headquarters in Los Angeles: they will produce marketing and creative campaigns for the US market.

Nur and Copiaincolla, two Communication Agencies and two stories that since long time decided to go along side by side. Two realities that share expertise and enrich each other's work by managing and developing the communication of leading brands such as Faber-Castell, S. Martino and Peugeot, among others.


For those brands, and not only for those, together, they produce creative and digital communication projects which have been also recently rewarded with prestigious awards and are frequently mentioned on several trade magazines.


An harmony, the one between Nur and copiaincolla, which starts from the operative contexts and ends embracing their whole perspective in constant evolution. Evolution as a enterprises as research centers, as professional people inventing new way of communication and good ideas.

So it is not surprising the idea to export also over the ocean their know-how. They know how to promote a brand, they have the skill to design advertising campaigns, they know how to use the right marketing tools, they are able to imagine new experiences for the public, they offer the best promotion strategies.

Evolution is a process and the next stage is called "land in the US market." This new stars and stripes dimension has a name (Communicating with us) and a website (www.communicatingwith.us). It is based in Los Angeles and is working on the whole west coast of the US. 


Opened in January 2015, the headquarters in Hollywood Boulevard welcome Italian and US accounts. Working full-time to explain to companies and start-ups, not just in California, that Nur and Copiaincolla are trademarks ambassadors and generators of creativity with a Made in Italy taste, aspect very appreciated in that segment of the States facing the Pacific Ocean.

The team of resident accounts is periodcally flanked by advertisers and communicators coming directly from Italy, in order to have a direct contact with clients and be able to breathe the culture and the sensibility of that world for which they are called to create their communications services.


The adventure is just began. From here to there, there are 9900 km, it doesn't matter: the evolution can run very very fast. Indeed, it is already arrived.