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With the acronym SEO, Search Engine Optimization literally, we identifies a professional consulting service aimed at a very specific goal: to make the web site (portal, platform, etc ...) a functional tool to the business, trying to increase the visibility in the wide scene of the web. Everything starting with the "search engine optimization". However, in detail, what it is it?

The aspects involving a SEO optimization are many and different and must be understood in a global manner as the element that is the basis of a successful Internet Marketing project. How? Trying to get maximum visibility on the web not only in quantitative terms but also, above all, in quality terms. Indeed, it is well known that over 90% of internet users search information about products and services through search engines (Google especially) and so it will be essential to be present in these structures in order to offer our contents to the target audience.

The visibility on the search engines can be obtained in several ways. Through the SEO you can get the best placements of organic nature (natural results), which differ from those obtained against payment by the setting of pay x click campaigns. Both options ensure the visibility on search engines, but only through SEO, you can search complex organic and sustainable results, which offer the best advantages in a medium-long term.

This is because we must dispel the myth that SEO is a magic potion or a bunch of conjectural techniques, but rather consists in a serious planning that goes through different professional degrees and is applied to a project shared with the client and created according to the individual needs that arise each time.

Websites architectural design

The starting point of a functional SEO project applied to a website, a portal or an e-commerce platform, is developed through the study and the analysis of the contents architecture. Properly design the way in which the content will be distributed, organized and displayed within the site (for users, but also for search engines) is the most difficult and important part, and can determine the success or the failure of 'entire project. This will help to enhance the strategies set, giving major visibility to pages such as product / service to highlight, or to structure in a logical and functional way the pages to facilitate the usability of the website, but always with the aim of encouraging the match between the user's search query and the landing page. Research the priorities and define clearly the content to be placed is the first step to a successful SEO strategy.

SEO philosophy and contents

As SEO is one of the main, maybe the most important, among the components of an Internet Marketing project, it must make clear that the philosophy behind this approach is simple and crystalline: to provide users quality content in target with their research, through the use of search engines. In this context, therefore, it is very important to the quality of the content. Because if we work to best position pages that have poor or unattractive content, will hardly be attractive for users and therefore also for search engines. It will be important to create and organize content of real interest, new, well-written and formatted by a formal point of view, full not only of text but also of images, videos and everything that may be necessary for a functional use by the user. Finally, thanks to the SEO copywriting, they may increase the effectiveness in order to achieve design goals pre-shared.

Definition of expected goals and results

The definition of expected goals is one of the most important steps of a SEO project. Historically, indeed, the effectiveness of a SEO campaign has always been evaluated by linking the placement of a list of keyword (more or less rich) in the top positions on Google. But this kind of approach, clearly anachronistic, no longer reflects the reality of the market because it aims to a merely quantitative result and does not include shades more effective details. This happens instead with a qualitative approach, which is targeted to a wider organic ranking that considers a complex "cluster" of functional keywords to generating targeted traffic towards the website.

Know-how and experience

For over 10 years NUR S.r.l. studies, builds and manages SEO projects for its clients through which, in turn, grew a shared experience and training that has defined the company know-how which today is the basis of the company. Every customer for NUR S.r.l. is a new challenge but also an opportunity to put into practice the skills acquired in the field of SEO, and the results are in our favor. Our customers are also our main testimonial and their references are the best possible publicity because they show how the relationship of trust and cooperation established is deeper than the one between company and the supplier, becoming a real synergy. Because our and your goal is the same: to increase the effectiveness of your business on the web.

A professional SEO consulting is essential for the success of an Internet Marketing project.


Designing the website architecture optimized is the first step towards indexing and content positioning on search engines (Google).




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