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In the context of SEM, acronym for Search Engine Marketing, NUR S.r.l. offers a counselling specialized in marketing optics for all those activities, which relate to the search engines. Not only sponsored campaigns on Google, but also a range of more complex services, which investigate different areas working for the success of a project of Internet Marketing.

The starting point is given by the client requirement. Together we assess the expected goals by setting a SEM strategy, which can be effective and, simultaneously, we assess the most appropriate tools to achieve a result. In fact, according to the type of business and the agreed goals, it will be possible to implement different types of marketing activities dedicated, each time, to the best way to finalize the expected goals. A well thought SEM strategy, indeed, might allow using the website and its appendices in a functional way.

However, what are the possible fields of application? For example, to maximize the results of an AdWords campaign, you can project and realize a specific landing page for your ads, making sure that this presents a functional content for example: a promotional offer can increase your quality score and bring out the best CTR. In this way, you can increase your conversions and monetize the investment. It is clear that, if the textual content present in the landing is thought and projected to be more effective to the users, but always paying attention to the search engines, the potential of the campaign can be exploited even more. This is because, through a careful study of web copywriting, is possible to make more effective communication and guide the user in a concrete way toward the goal we want to achieve.

Strategic partner for corporate marketing

Many times the most difficult challenge is to combine the skills of traditional marketing with the potential that the web marketing can offer. For that reason, NUR S.r.l. arises as a strategic partner to support business managers in order to advise and set effective strategies and successful initiatives that can combine business with the marketing tools that the web provides to amplify the reach of communication. In this way, through professional shared counseling we will be able to search concrete and measurable results, based on an increase of ROI (return on investment).

NUR Internet Marketing provides professional counselling in the field of SEM able to:

  • planning marketing activities
  • enhancing investments
  • increase the results
  • find out new markets




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