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One of the strengths of NUR S.r.l. is the web design. The ability to use the techniques of web design is the pride of the agency, able to take advantage from these potentialities in order to convey on the web the corporate image of every companies.

We often confuse the term web design with the simple graphics, in fact when we talk about web design we refer to the architectural study of the various areas of the website. All the sections, in fact, must be designed and calibrated according with the rules of functionality and usability imposed by the network without neglecting an appealing graphics that might communicate the qualities of the brand on the network.

On the network, websites are the business card of every business. NUR S.r.l. working on the creation of websites firstly listening to the client and therefore graphically reproducing his aesthetic taste, thanks to the potential offered by the web design tools. NUR S.r.l. staff researches and develops for client companies websites with unique design, tailored combining the needs expressed by the client, with the appealing style of content presentation and the rules of usability and functionality of the web.

These are the main features of websites created by NUR Srl:


  • Appealing graphics: coordinated with the corporate image.
  • Functionality and usability: sites easy to use for the user and well-structured for the search engines.
  • Reliability on all browsers.

The websites created by NUR S.r.l. comply with all of these features. NUR S.r.l. web agency, in fact, has always believed that the success of a website depends both from the contents and from the graphics. That is why the company is focusing on the continuous updating of the resources that deal with web design.

For your image on the web, put your trust on NUR S.r.l. staff, who will advise you in the planning and implementation of your website.

A well-designed website should have:


  • Clear and coherent content.
  • Structure easily positioning on search engines.
  • Attractive graphic design.
  • Structure usable and adaptable to various devices.




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