VIABRERA.The best of Made in Italy in China

The project VIABRERA by NUR S.r.l. comes from the desire to gather in a single e-commerce platform, for the sale on Chinese territory, all the companies that can boast a 100% Made in Italy production. The main objective of NUR S.r.l. is to educate the Chinese consumer on the culture of Made in Italy, clearing the way for all Italian companies wishing to expand their business in the Middle-earth.

A real opportunity based on high numbers

The unstoppable rise of China together with the potential of on-line commerce make this area very attractive for anyone who decides to approach the international market. NUR S.r.l. through VIABRERA proposes concrete business opportunities based on the analysis of real data constantly growing, both for big companies that already operate in the area, but want to have more control over the image of their product, that for small and medium companies which decide to approach for the first time the huge Chinese market.

A concrete support on Chinese territory

The service NUR S.r.l. for Italian companies, which boats a 100% Made in Italy production, is a total support in the difficult penetration of the vast Chinese market. Thanks to its many years of experience in Internet Marketing and to the support on-site of TMG International, sale-consulting company based in Dalian, China, NUR Srl provides a range of services and support such as:

  • Advertising and promotional activities.
  • Choice of visibility channels.
  • Management of personal investments in internet marketing.
  • Opening and management of a local distribution channel.
  • Direct contact with users through call center and customer-service in Chinese language.

A mark of excellence 100% Made in Italy

As known, one of the major barriers on the Chinese market are counterfeit products. With the project VIABRERA, NUR S.r.l. wants not only to ensure the quality of products but also to educate Chinese consumers making it able to recognize and appreciate ever more consciously the quality of Made in Italy products. For this reason, the selection of companies by Nur is extremely accurate and is based on legislative criteria that allow to use the mark of authenticity "IT01 100% Quality Italian".
To join the project companies' products must be:

  • Entirely manufactured in Italy.
  • Made with Italian materials.
  • Built with quality, natural and high-grade materials.
  • Manufactured adopting traditional Italian artisanship.
  • Made with exclusive and unique companies models.

This careful selection, in addition to ensuring the quality of products to the Chinese consumer, enables companies to gain a very high level of reliability that consolidated over time, could offer many advantages and business opportunities.

Do you want to learn more about VIABRERA?

If you are looking for a serious and reliable distribution channel to expand your company's business in China, visit VIABRERA website or contact us at info@nur.it. China is waiting for you!

The project VIABRERA represents a window of excellence thought for all the realities of Made in Italy, which want to approach the vast and difficoult Chinese market, through a solid and reliable channel.

An e-commerce platform whose goal is not only to sell, but also spreading the Italian culture.

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