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Pay per Click is one of the Web Advertising strategies that allows promoting products and services on the web to increase the visibility of a brand. The Google Pay per Click Advertising, or Search Engine Marketing or PPC, is one of the fastest methods to direct potential users to a specific website. The goal of these campaigns is to generate quality accesses to the clients websites.


Service pay per click compaigns


The Pay per Click campaigns are a promotional on-line tool that allows posting advertisements text, image, and video by placing a link towards a page of the company website or to a page specifically created (landing page).Using Pay per Click advertising campaigns you can place your website on search engines and make it appear at the top of the search pages, spaces that Google reserves to paid advertising (up, down and to the right of the organic results). It must be remembered that the Pay per Click campaigns should not and cannot replace a well-designed website, able to position itself at the top of the organic results of search engines. This because once the campaign ends also visibility will decrease.


The strength of Pay per click campaigns, which over the years has determined its fortune, lies in the fact that the advertisements appear only to users who are truly interested, who researched on their favorite Search Engine a particular product or service. It should be also noted that the ads are free: in fact, the cost of the campaign depend on the clicks actually generated from ads. In addition, the Pay per Click advertising allows full control of the investment: it is possible to measure and control the costs of the campaign and decide at any time to increase or decrease the budget. The ppc campaigns can be activated very quickly and have immediate effect on the visibility of the website.

Pay per Click campaigns advantages

The main advantages of pay per click campaigns are:


  • The campaign is activated in time of need or in a period of more effectiveness.
  • It is a powerful tool because it allows you to only reach the interested audience.
  • Investments are made in a targeted manner.
  • The campaign allows getting instant visibility.
  • The results can be measured accurately.
  • The campaign produces quality contacts.
  • It is a flexible tool that allows promoting any type of product or service.
  • It is can be activated in a short time and the results are immediate.
  • It is geo- located. Ads can be targeted to people who lives in a specific place or country.

Thanks to years of experience in the field of Keywords Advertising, the company NUR S.r.l. is specialized in the creation and management of Pay per Click campaigns with a high conversion rate, evidenced by the satisfaction expressed by clients and after gaining the Google Partner certification.

Pay per Click campaigns elements


The acronym CPC literally means Cost-Per-Click; thus refers to the amount to be paid to search engine for every click generated from ads shown on search pages.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate indicates the ratio of impressions that is the number times your ad was displayed during the research of users or inserted in the pages of the sites that host advertisements of the Search Engine.

The position of your ad

There are three possible positions of pay per click ads on search engines: top, bottom or right of the organic search results. The ad position dependent on the offer done to place the keywords compared with the offers made by other competitors for the same keywords.


It refers to the ability to track the accesses reached through ads, particularly those that generated contacts.

Return of Investment (ROI)

The ROI is the return on investment of the campaign. The return is calculated by dividing the budget made available for the campaign by the profits actually generated.


NUR S.r.l. staff counseling in the creation and management of Pay per Click campaigns is to generate a return on investment. To achieve this goal the web agency deals with the following activities:

How to manage a Pay per Click campaign

The Pay per Click campaigns consist of three basic elements:


  • Keywords
  • Ads
  • Offers


The choice of keywords obviously depends on the goals and the targets you want to achieve. The keywords should be selected within the range of interest for the product or service to "push" in the network.


After defining the keywords, the second step is to write the texts for ads that appear within the pages of research carried out by users. The text should be short, clear and specific, meaning that it must be able to convince the browser that following that link you will find what you are looking for!


The last step before beginning the Pay per Click campaign is the offer: it determines the position that will be given to the ads in the search pages.

Where to implement the Pay per Click campaigns

Currently there are two major Pay per Click Search Engine Advertising: Google AdWords and Overture (now known as Yahoo! Search Marketing). Being precise there are others like Espotting (now Miva), and Kanoodle MetricsDirect, but certainly Google and Overture are the more used.


With the advent of social networking is possible to make pay per click campaigns even on Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin.




  • "With NUR we win also the online market"

    "With NUR we win also the online market"
    The Archt. Giancarlo Cavicchi, Executive Manager of Biliardi Cavicchi, based in Guastalla (RE) Italy, tells his professional relationship with NUR.
    Giancarlo Cavicchi (Biliardi CAVICCHI)

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