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Google AdWords is an advertising system developed by the Search Engine Google also known as "sponsored links" or "sponsored ads" that allows promoting the products or services of a company on the web. Google AdWords is the most important Pay per Click Search Engine Advertising on Internet. Through AdWords campaigns, you can publish advertisements on Google search results pages and on a number of websites belonging to the network of Google.

AdWords Campaigns allows posting text ads and images, animated banners or videos that are viewed only by people already interested in a particular product or service. The ads usually are short texts composed by the title, two lines of description and a link to a website or a specific webpage technically called a "landing page".


Adwords is a very effective tool of web marketing, used by an increasing number of companies because it is able to ensure visibility in very short times, with targeted investment and adaptable to the different business reality. The great advantage of Google AdWords is that you do not pay for ads, but for the clicks that the ads actually generate. This tool allows reaching a targeted and well-defined audience and, at the same time, to establish the cost of advertisement: you can choose a daily budget of maximum expense in clicks and change it as you needed.

How Google AdWords works

Google AdWords is based on the logic of Pay per Click, it means that the ad takes part in an auction with all the other ads that deal with the same topic. According to that auction, a single ad appears on Google in a position more or less visible: the client, however, pays only when the user clicks on the ad. Basically, the cost of the campaign is given by the real number of clicks and not by the number of impressions generated from ads.


The advertiser chooses the target and select words or blocks of words which want to associate with the visualization of his ad as advertising on Google and buy them through a kind of "electronic auction system," on which depends the "ranking" with which the 'ad will appear. Therefore, who buys a particular word for a higher CPC (cost per click), will be found before a competitor who has bought the same keyword for a lower price.


The cost for each click, however, depends not only on the number of requests for the signle word, but also on the quality of the ad. Therefore, it is always better to rely on web specialists, such as NUR Srl who, having just achieved the Goggle Partner certification is already considered by it as generators of quality campaigns. This means that an adwords campaign studied and managed by the NUR S.r.l. staff NUR Srl has a cost significantly lower compared to other. The quality of the campaigns is determined by Google according to the ability to create ads with high returns in terms of clicks generated. This method of evaluation is a device used by Google to improve the quality of the ads.


The parameters to set for each campaign are:

  • Campaign name. 
  • Location where the ad will appear. 
  • Language. 
  • Networks (Search Engine, Display network) and devices (laptops, smart-phone, tablet, etc) on which the campaign will appear.
  • Bids and budgets for the entire campaign and for every single ad. 
  • Ad extensions, a feature that allows you to add information about your company in the ad that are generally forbidden within the standard text. 
  • Advanced settings to determine days and times in which ad will be shown and preferences of the demographic target in the Display Network websites that possess the specific.

The kinds of ads:

  • Image ad: is the ad most classic ad, and could be a banner image, audio, video (only for network Dispaly) that appears on search pages when the user types in the Search Engine the selected keyword. Display ads builder: display device that creates an image ad with the selected words and some specific.
  • WAP mobile ad: You can create ads optimized for mobile devices.
  • Keywords: a box in which you can add your keywords with options about traffic and about matching in the search.
  • Positioning: advanced feature to manage placements on Display Network websites.

Rely on NUR S.r.l. staff to create and manage campaigns with AdWords certain returns on investment.




  • "With NUR we win also the online market"

    "With NUR we win also the online market"
    The Archt. Giancarlo Cavicchi, Executive Manager of Biliardi Cavicchi, based in Guastalla (RE) Italy, tells his professional relationship with NUR.
    Giancarlo Cavicchi (Biliardi CAVICCHI)

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