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David Ogilvy, one of the most famous and affirmed advertiser of all times, argued “There is no need for advertising to look like advertisement. If you make them look like editorial pages, you will attract about 50 per cent more readers.”

An ironic and extremely actual quote, if we think about the slogan "content is king" very popular in recent times, and the content is right the key part in the new marketing strategies, a real and concrete content, which changes the approach from promotional to informative-editorial.

Writing for the web: things one need to know

The web writing and the traditional writing for print media have several differences. This is because the behavior of users towards a web page is more like a quick scan than a deep and complete reading.

The goal of a good web copywriter must be writing text suitable for a quick scan, able to touch all the key concepts of the speech at the points where the setting is more focused on the page (in this sense usability helps a lot). However, the goal of a good copywriter is also not get bored, writing interesting, informative and useful texts for the users. Even in the greatest purchase intent moments, and therefore the maximum receptivity of ads on products or services, in fact, users search useful information on the web, not mere advertising.

When copy rhymes with SEO

Writing good texts for the web can benefit in two categories of recipients:


  • Final users
  • Search Engines

If already for the final user it must follow certain rules for the production of useful and attractive texts for the search engines attention and care towards the contents are even more pronounced. Writing for the search engines means using the right terms for a correct positioning of the website, take advantage from titles and subtitles to contextualize products and services, give authority to the text with concrete examples and links.

A good writing is nice for everyone, adds value to the content and transforms the pure advertising in an editorial quality product. That is why NUR S.r.l. staff is committed to provide its clients with a web copywriting consulting service at 360 °, to ensuring the maximum care in the drafting of compatible SEO texts.




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