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Google Maps and Google Places are two important services that the company NUR Srl offers to all its clients. These two services were launched on the market by the famous search engine a few years ago, but in recent years are gaining great importance in strategies marketing business due to the high visibility they provide. The increased importance of Google Maps and Google Places in network research is due to the continuous improvement of the quality with which Google returns the results in the searches carried out every day by millions of users.

Google Maps

Google Maps, also known as Google Local, is a Google service offering the mapping of the world which contains in addition to the physical, political and satellite maps of the area of interest even directions, and commercial points of interest such activities and services. You can view the planet as simple map or as a road map.


Google Maps also allows searching for services in specific places, such as restaurants, monuments, shops, to find road routes and see satellite photos of areas with different detail degrees. You can also search for any type of business.


In addition to the search function, Google Maps can be used to implement the section of the corporate website dedicated to the "Location", taking advantage of the geo-physical or political map that is generated by the service with the company address.


Knowing how to exploit the full potential offered by Google services is crucial to improve the visibility and ranking of the website on search engines.

Google Maps API Premier

Google also offers a professional service linked to Google Maps called Google Maps API Premier. It is a solution for those clients who need advanced features, such as advanced geocoding, additional support and total control over all advertising options. In addition, Google Maps API Premier provides personalized levels of service and support t for companies that want to incorporate maps in the websites intended for customers or on internal applications.

Google Places

On the web is not enough to be present, you also must be found. One of the ways to be easily found on Google rankings is to create a business profile on Google Places. In fact, this service is one of the best ways to be present at the top of Google searches. These are the maps that Google offers at the top of the results pages when you do a local research. It is well known that internet is the most used tool to search for businesses, for that Google Places is becoming increasingly important.

Having a well-organized profile on Google Places allows businesses to get a high ranking in Google results at the local level, even in a short time. In fact, when searches are geo-located, to the first position in the ranking of Google search results appear exactly before Google Places _ before other results. Therefore, do not take advantage of this service provided by Google may cause a loss in terms of visibility and business opportunities. A company, therefore, which ranks the first place in the list of Google Places has an incredible competitive advantage over the others and will be more easily found by potential new clients. The Google Places service is a perfect solution to create a window dedicated to each company.


For this reason, the NUR S.r.l. advises its clients to take advantage from the experience gained by its staff in the creation of a profile on Google Places. The service was much appreciated by the clients who over the years have learned to appreciate not only the professionalism of NUR S.r.l. in the creation of well-designed and custom websites, positioned at the top rankings of the major search engines, but also all the additional services offered such as creating business profiles for Google Places and consulting for the creation and managing of social media pages.




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