Brand Reputation

Trademark online protection

The online protection of a brand is becoming an increasingly important issue for companies especially considering the speed with which information travels on the web. That is why it becomes essential for any business or commercial activity to monitor the reputation of its brand.

Brands must be able to enjoy a positive reputation on the web, primarily among final customers, but more generally towards all the stakeholders involved in different ways with the company.

How to manage the online brand reputation

To monitor the reputation of a brand and, more generally, the "sentiment" towards the company must first make a semiotic analysis on the web (search engines, social networks, blogs) on certain search keywords related to the company, with the goal of obtaining a conceptual map of how people are talking about the brand or company on the web.

Besides analyzing the sentiment of the brand, NUR S.r.l. service aims to provide a focused consulting on how to deal with any negative issues and react positively renewing its online presence. The ultimate goal should be to monitor and maintain the relationships that the company established with its target audiences with a view of continuous improvement and growth.

Brand Reputation Management 2.0

As mentioned above, social media are increasingly becoming the lifeblood of communication 2.0. For this reason also the Brand Reputation Management should include among its activities the monitoring of social networking platforms, to understand how people talk about the brands and what types of actions make against it (share news, comment post, publish their content on the topic ). This activity is recommended especially in the crucial moments of the company life, which involve important and delicate choices, or substantial changes.

Necessary but not sufficient condition for any activity of Brand Reputation is always the active and proactive listening. A study of Sentiment Analysis must always end with a constructive and forward-looking position taken from the company, which aims to strengthen the online value of the brand and re-establishing the fate, though sometimes is just compromised. Listen and think about what people are saying about our company is always the first step towards the practical improvement and can only bring benefit to professional business and relationships.




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