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Gathering and analysis of site statistical and professional data access

The Web Analytics is the measurement and analysis of the website data access in order to optimize the uploaded content, improve the user browsing experience and get a return in terms of image and business. In the era of Web 2.0, in fact, is no longer enough create a website, but to be sure of reaching the target audience and be able to offer the products and services of the company, we have to build a site that follows the basic rules of web design and that it is visible to the search engines. Knowing how to read and interpret web analytics data, that is, the behavior of visitors to our website can help us building a website that meets both the needs of the network and the end consumer.

The website, in fact, has become an integral part of the company marketing strategy because people spend much more time online and the data is expected to grow exponentially. In addition, thanks to web analytics tools you can get information that is much more accurate on "users", than those obtained from any other type of media. Web analytics is able to indicate exactly how many users visit your site, such as pages they visited, what page are "landed", from which they came out, how many times a given user visited the site, to which reference sites are arrived (blogs, social networking pages sponsored or landing page, AdWords campaign, etc.) and in the case of e-commerce all those who bought and what they bought.


There are several web analytics tools, but the real problem in taking full advantage from the data provided is figuring out which elements use to understand the connection between people, website and business. All information resulting from web analytics are crucial to identify, not only the possible functional problems of the website, but also any obstacles to the conversion toward the goals. Therefore, one cannot ignore the use of these tools to get a return on their online investment. Many companies still have problems to extract relevant data from the web analytics of their websites, for this reason, to take advantage from them, it is necessary rely on people able to read and interpret these data.


NUR S.r.l. has long understood this need and accordingly decided to offer a high quality service becoming Google Analytics Partner: Google Analytics, in fact, is now considered the most important research tool to study and analyze the data of the websites.




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