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One of the main goals of SEO consulting is definitely finding a good ranking on search engines. However, what does it mean to be positioned on the search engines? Technically, the concept is very simple and is based on the statistic that shows how 92% of search engine users look for information about products and services. Therefore, the need for companies providing products and services is to be found by its potential target audience, placing the pages of the website in the first positions of the search pages (SERP).

NUR S.r.l. thanks to a more than a decade of experience in positioning on search engines, works with companies to support this process, which brings with it other benefits to the online business of the client, such as:

  • Increasing the targeted traffic on the website
  • New business channels in addition to the traditional
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Opening on new foreign markets

In order to achieve high rankings on search engines, NUR S.r.l. implements a number of strategies that begin by designing an accurate website architecture, which is necessary for the proper distribution of content and information. Then you deal with the onsite optimization phase, which include all those interventions aimed to optimizing the html code of the website pages and complete the whole with an offsite strategy optimization, based on web promotion activities aimed at increasing link popularity on the website.

Keywords and long tail of search

The distinguishing feature that allows to measure ranking on search engines is given by the keywords that identify words, or combinations of words, used by the users to make their searches on search engines. Therefore, in order to set up a positioning project, it will be essential to carry out a study of the industry, analyze the market trends in order to determine the most appropriate keywords on which to focus in order to obtain the best results. Once you have identified the keywords "root", you must investigate a group of "sectorial" keywords, which, combined, will form a "cluster of extended keywords", a complex and potentially infinitely upgradeable list, which will be the basis of the positioning strategy on search engines. The goal of this cluster is in fact to investigate the long tail of search that is a more focused and complex research that provides a greater targeting of the request and consequently maximizes the match between the demand and the offer, generating an increase of the ROI data.

Reporting and data analysis

In order to monitoring the performance of the positioning project on search engines, at predetermined intervals we provide an analysis which allows to evaluate the developments trends and to improve over the time (and the possible changes to the goals agreed with the client) the visibility strategies. All this in a manner closely linked to the analysis of statistical data that is crucial to the full assessment of the proposed placement validity.




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