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When we talk about promoting a website on the search engines, nowadays in 92% of cases the object of our project is Google. This in fact, over the years has created a sort of monopoly of search engine and other actors such as Bing and Yahoo! were limited to pick up the crumbs. Not to mention the other minor search engines, which must fight for to get some small and seemingly insignificant market share. For this reason, the highest attention is given to Google guidelines study and updates, to the use of webmaster tools that the home of Mountain View provides for the promotion of websites on search engines.

It is equally true, however, that in the case of a positioning with particular geographic target things could change. This is the case for example of Russia, where although the percentage of Google user is in slight growth, the majority of users use Yandex. On the other hand, in China, where the main search engine is Baidu. It is therefore essential to have a complete and constantly updated view of the dynamics and operation of search engines across the world to meet the most varied needs expressed by our clients and at the same time provide effective solutions to encourage the business.

Experience and quality

NUR S.r.l. thanks to the experience gained over more than ten years of activity in the context of positioning websites on search engines is able to design specific solutions of web-promotion suited to different geographical and functional business goals agreed with the client. We have created campaigns for promotion on the website of many of our clients through whom we gained experience and used the skills acquired.




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