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SEO techniques and strategies onsite

Did we study and develope a proper architecture for website content and pages? Well, we're a long way towards that. It means that we have a potential structure able to convey the content on the web and to index them in the best way through the search engine spiders.

However, to ensure that the contents of the website, which were properly indexed by search engines, were positioned in the SERP (on Google), you must enter technicians’ dictates able to raising their value. It is now that NUR S.r.l. succeeds in being a proactive partner, because of a detailed project analysis, from which flows the study of the "cluster" of keywords and starts the optimization phase onsite, which provides different levels of competence.

With this in mind all the interventions are carried out following the Google guidelines, trying to put in the right highlight the elements that characterize the page and using the instructions in Google's Webmaster in order to verify the correct scanning and indexing of content.

Existing websites optimization

It often happens that potential clients require SEO projects on existing websites. NUR S.r.l. responds to this request with an in-depth analysis of the website that most of the time highlights insurmountable technical, conceptual and development gaps, which would make the operation very expensive and in any case much less effective in terms of performance. Many of these websites were created based on platforms that make the contents inaccessible to search engines or perhaps developed many years ago and without any update logic. In all these cases, for a successful SEO project, is more effective a complete redesign of the site that, based on the logic of search engines, offering concrete opportunities to position on SERP, to generate targeted traffic and lead a real and measurable conversions.

Websites linguistic optimization

In complex Internet Marketing projects, it often happens that a multi-language website requires a positioning strategy on search engines developed in multiple languages. In this case, the complexity of the project should include different operating modes to line up with the technical and linguistic dictates that the geographic target destination entails. Therefore are triggered a number of factors which include, first of all the issue of textual content, as the translations may not be literal, but must be geo-located, and other factors such as language competition (think for example to the number of English-speaking population compared to that of the Italian language) and technical specifications that some states require (Russia? China?). NUR S.r.l. with its many years of experience is able to project the optimization of the websites language versions in foreign languages, mastering the dynamics imposed by the international search engine panorama and, thanks to a SEO specialist translation service, which provide language content with localized translations.




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