SEO in Russia

Web marketing in Russian speaking areas

NUR Internet Marketing offers all its clients a complete SEO ranking service to appear among the top results on the major Russians search engines. To get the most visible and effective results Nur uses all the web marketing tools available, focusing primarily on the linguistic processing of texts in Russian and taking all the specific strategies of promotion and positioning of its clients websites to ensure visible results for all the companies wishing to expand their business in the Russian speaking countries. Russian users, who use internet to get information of all kinds, are very sensitive to the quality of the content and rely exclusively on sites offering content in their native language. Influencing in this case also Russians search engines, who prefer websites with domains and Russian texts strictly written in Cyrillic characters.

NUR Internet Marketing, thanks to its many years of experience in SEO ranking service, can provide solutions for the web placement in Russia. With its skilled staff able, not only to draft specific texts ad hoc for the Russian web but also to implement positioning strategies Nur could ensure the achievement of specific conversion goal for any kind of company.

Through NUR SEO services the companies, ambassadors of Made in Italy luxury in the world, will have the guarantee to be reached by the user base Russians who represent potential consumers who really want to buy the products (in the case of e-commerce sites). Through the web marketing tools available, and the depth study of the market, Nur provides excellent chances of success and increasing of their activity on Russian territory, to clients who decide to approach this area.

Yandex. The web search giant in Russia

NUR Internet Marketing SEO services in Russia are mainly focused on the leading search engine in this area: Yandex. Despite has its share of active users in Russia, the primacy is still held by the Russian search engine Yandex, which is used by about 65% of people searching in Russian language.

NUR Internet Marketing provides real and effective solutions to improve the different customers’ websites visibility, positioning them on the Russian search engine, through strategies of organic SEO ranking by exploiting the potential of the linguistic elaboration, combined with positioning campaigns through the various paying tools offered by Yandex. NUR proposes to its clients SEO positioning strategies that ensure the achievement of results and allow converting Russian users into customers, partners and loyal consumer.

Leveraging the latest techniques of on-site optimization and off-site NUR Internet Marketing allows customers who rely on their SEO services in Russia, to get the best positions on the search engines using specific keywords, in Cyrillic alphabet, related to the business sector and to the products or services offered by the website. Take advantage from the value of the Made in Italy, so fascinating for Russian users, it's a crucial aspect to expand their business on Yandex, in a country so fond of luxury and high quality products, used as a symbol of social status.

The range of SEO services for Russian websites

Some of the main NUR Internet Marketing SEO services on Russian websites are:


  • Domain registration with Russian extension
  • Website hosted on a dedicated server in Russia
  • Linguistic contextualization (not just translation) for the website contents in Russian language
  • On-page SEO optimization for the Russian search engine
  • Placement Analysis on Yandex and SERP

With the study of web marketing strategies specifically thought to place a website on Russian search engines (Yandex and, Nur Internet Marketing ensures to its clients the achievement of Russian users through channels they are familiar with, keeping them faithful customers.




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