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Select the most appropriate social channels

One of the services that NUR S.r.l. offers to its clients is the selection of the most appropriate social media for each company. What is meant by "most appropriate"? A social media is "appropriate" to a company when is able to meet the business goals set at the beginning, highlighting the advantages that the company can offer to all its stakeholders.

Currently, the number of social networks available to users is very high and is never definitive: every day we read news concerning new platforms or substantial upgrades of existing social. However, we can draw up a list of the most used:


logo facebook

With over 1 billion of worldwide users, Facebook never stops. Used by individuals and by companies, is "the" social network par excellence, now essential for business, also for the many development potentials (applications, contests, promotional offers, etc…).


logo twitter

The social network of microblogging, used by more than 500 million people in the world, allows publishing text updates of 140 characters, very useful as a vehicle for Customer Care, or more generally as a tool of support for a blog or an informative website.


logo YouTube

The social network focused on the publication and sharing of video, elements that can generate very high viral visibility on the web. Arrived at 4 billion views per day, YouTube provides for services and companies the possibility to create a channel with custom graphics and contents.

Google +

logo google plus

Google+ is "the backbone of all Google products." This is because it integrates into its package Social, Local and Mobile services. Is a Social network because allows the sharing of content, is Local because can geolocate companies and activities, it is Mobile because it is integrated with Android but is also available for iOS.


logo pinterest

Pinterest is the shelf of our passions, the Via Montenapoleone of social networks, thought and projected to act as a true social commerce. With 11 million users, constantly growing in Italy and in the world is the best platform to host showcases of products, showing them in their best shape.


logo linkedin

LinkedIn is a professional network with more than 200 million worldwide users. It is comparable to a virtual business card, a direct way to introduce yourself professionally and expand your network of business contacts taking advantage from the wide reach of the web.

There are also many other platforms which may constitute a valuable contribution for the companies in terms of marketing 2.0. Among others, we include:


  • TripAdvisor: a community dedicated to tourists, which includes in a single platform the reviews concerning accommodation facilities all over the world. TripAdvisor provides to companies a useful tool for monitoring the reputation.
  • Instagram: the most widely used mobile application for sharing photos with al "vintage" look. With Instagram, a particular filter, to emphasize the best on the subject, can characterize every shot. Very useful for businesses in the world of design and fashion, where, you know, image is everything.
  • Yelp: community dedicated to commercial reviews on bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and much more. In five years has collected 21 million traveler reviews, and settles on 66 million unique visitors per month.

NUR S.r.l. proposes to its clients the opportunity to investment on the best social networks to reach the goals necessary for their business, while offering two possible alternatives: the outsourcing of the business pages or the training course.




  • "With NUR we win also the online market"

    "With NUR we win also the online market"
    The Archt. Giancarlo Cavicchi, Executive Manager of Biliardi Cavicchi, based in Guastalla (RE) Italy, tells his professional relationship with NUR.
    Giancarlo Cavicchi (Biliardi CAVICCHI)

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