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Social media in outsourcing

NUR S.r.l. offers the possibility to its clients to create and manage their own social media customizing graphics and content, planning publications based on an editorial plan reference thought in agreement with the client.

What is included in the outsourcing management of social media service offered by NUR S.r.l.?

  • Prior analysis: Social Case Study of the sector and on the main competitors using social media, to write a first strategic draft.
  • Account opening: Creation and configuration of a business page on social media with the selected customer.
  • Account graphic personalization created according with the corporate image.
  • Editorial schedule planning: identification of the most important topics for the activity and / or the sector, set up of an editorial publications plan.
  • Updates publication: account management created according of the editorial calendar established agreement with the client.
  • Management: account monitoring and management of complaints, negative comments and internal problems.
  • Statistical reports: drafting of statistical monitoring reports with additional comments and suggestions.
  • Extra: management of special campaign, internal contest, competitions, advertising, applications and landing pages, special contents.

The above activities will be made in accordance with the canons of social & web copywriting and based on the experience gained over the years, which leads us to know in depth the critical success factors on Social Networking platforms.




  • "With NUR we win also the online market"

    "With NUR we win also the online market"
    The Archt. Giancarlo Cavicchi, Executive Manager of Biliardi Cavicchi, based in Guastalla (RE) Italy, tells his professional relationship with NUR.
    Giancarlo Cavicchi (Biliardi CAVICCHI)

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