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For NUR S.r.l. the development of a website starts from a detailed initial design based on client graphic and functional needs, related to the website usability and ease of use by users. All this to ensure full achievement of the identified goals.

The website must become an integral part of the corporate marketing strategy, and must reflect its peculiar characteristics, present his business model and represent the main idea and the values that underlie the company. For this reason, the development of a website requires a closely interaction with the clients, which in the end will be able to see its needs and purposes realized.

A dynamic website allows a thorough interaction with the users, lets collect and provide information always different and new, enables users to access to the data, to consult the database, and in general, allows to have complete control of the information, with the final result of obtaining a reduction of maintenance costs and, consequently, an increase in efficiency of marketing strategies pursued.

Our range of programs and software is continuously growing and is supported by a highly professional team that, thanks to the experience and skills acquired over the years, is able to understand the clients' needs and to propose the best solutions. Collaborating with the web design and SEO staff, the developing team ensures the setting up of high performing and dynamic websites, fully compatible with all devices being used.




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