The right mix between image and content

The graphics of the website is the first element of judgment that a user has on a Company. In fact, a not very attractive graphic may lead the user to leave the website. A user in a few seconds and in a few clicks gives a final judgment and if our website does not meet his needs or does not have a simple and clear navigation, he will sure abandon it immediately to find a better one. In a few seconds, we define the company's credibility.

The graphics of the website is so essential since, as we have just said, in a very short time the website must be able to convey a good trade image, by ensuring trust, to introduce themselves to the potential customers. Happens more and more often that users give more confidence to a product than other making comparisons through the companies’ websites. Obviously is not enough to have a nice website on a visual level, the graphics should be well combined with the functional elements. A functional website observe the rules of usability, accessibility, clarity and interactivity.

The good website usability, the accessibility of the same and a web impact, therefore, can help the company to successfully presenting themself on the web.


In general, for the development of a graphically beautiful and functional website you should follow the following rules:

  • Balance the visual effects with the relevance of content. 
  • Sparingly use blinking graphics and flash animation. 
  • Provide clear and consistent references throughout the website to facilitate the use. 
  • Write concisely and leave appropriate blanks. 
  • Periodically update the contents. 
  • Create original content with a suitable graphics. 
  • Do not create too heavy pages

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