According to the definition given by ISO 9241, which refers to information products in general, usability is the "extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use. "

The concept of website usability born as support to the interfaces design with which the user interacts every day. Therefore, it is essential to proceed with the right step during the design of the website:

  • What functionalities will ensure the website?
  • What is the aim of use of the website?
  • What is the main target audience and what expect them to find?

The operative steps: Web Design and Usability

Starting from these basic questions, we switch the operative phase, in which the key concepts of usability help to solve the web design problems: readability, understandability, orientation, recognition and salience of the elements.


That is why the NUR S.r.l. team of web usability works closely with the website designers in every stage: from the goals definition to the website architecture, to combine all requirements by proposing a layout easy to use and effective for communication.

The theoretical base: study and analysis

A key point in designing a "usable" website is placing the most important information in the right places of the pages. Theoretically, this procedure is justified by:

  • Eye tracking: the study of eye movements scanning a web page. This methodology allows us to understand which are the website hot areas and which the more marginal ones. The eye tracking is used to define and above all anticipate the eye path on a web page, reducing the effort in search of the elements.
  • Foraging information: theory, according to which users are essentially information hunters, and as them, they would act like animals in the web environment, moving within different websites looking for just what they need, leaving everything considered accessory.

A usable website is nice to use, able to attract the user in the right places within the average time spent on pages, increasing the conversion rate and encouraging the return of the user on the website.

NUR S.r.l. offers to its clients a web usability service which includes not only the proper design of a new web interface, but also an analysis of the original website to identify usability problems and find the best methods to solve them, according to the most commonly used technologies and devices.




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