"With NUR we win also the online market"

NUR Testimonial: Archt. Giancarlo Cavicchi (Biliardi Cavicchi)

The Archt. Giancarlo Cavicchi, Executive Manager of Biliardi Cavicchi, company based in Guastalla (RE) Italy, talks about his experience with NUR: a partnership that allowed the brand Cavicchi to root its brand leadership also online.

To talk about the relationship with NUR Internet Marketing is the Architect Giancarlo Cavicchi, Manager of Biliardi Cavicchi, based in Guastalla (RE) Italy, a leading company in the production of sports and design billiard since 1938.

"I gladly accepted to say a few words on the relationship we have with NUR" - said the Archt. Giancarlo Cavicchi - "because it's a relationship of professional respect consolidated from more than 10 years. Following year by year the deep changes of the web, the Biliardi Cavicchi has faced important economic investments aimed to the restyling of the website and its communication strategies, to root our brand leadership also online. "

A relationship, the one with NUR Internet Marketing, which brought in the years to realize web-marketing campaigns ad hoc for the most interesting countries, rooting the leadership of the Brand Cavicchi on the main search engines in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to the tools provided by the web, it was possible to get important return on investment and due to the implementation of the Corporate Website, Italian and English version, and with the implementation of an e-commerce platform delveloped ad hoc (recently renovated in layout and content), which allows, in Italy and abroad, to buy billiards and their accessories in a few clicks.

The Archt. Cavicchi concluded with a special congratulation for our team:"The Staff of NUR is very professional, with young guys, skilled and ambitious, and also really nice that never hurts!"